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review of NFZD Beauty The Mini System  3CT  by rnmillican
The Mini System  3CT
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Video Review of #NFZD BEAUTY The Mini System 3CT by Rachel

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What Rachel says about The Mini System 3CT Peach

The Mini System 3CT Peach by Rachel

However, I did encounter a couple of downsides. Firstly, my product arrived with some leakage, which was disappointing. Additionally, one of the caps was cracked. Despite these issues, the product itself works wonders. NFZD Beauty even includes a cute bag to keep everything contained.

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Reviews of NFZD Beauty The Mini System 3CT Peach

Review by Toni

The Mini System  3CT

The Mini System 3CT by NFZD Beauty is a kit that includes a cleanser, facial cream, and oil. According to Toni's video review, she didn't like the cleanser but found the cream and oil to be effective. She prefers using the cream first and then layering the oil, which leaves her skin dewy without being oily. Toni mentioned that someone at work even asked if she had recently had a facial, which she attributed to using these products. As someone who had never tried CBD before, Toni expressed her satisfaction with the results. Overall, the Mini System 3CT seems to provide a dewy and non-oily complexion, making it a worthwhile addition to anyone's skincare routine.

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