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review of Owl in a Towel Lemongrass Hand Soap  by anniesnyder1974
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Video Review of #OWL IN A TOWEL Lemongrass Hand Soap by Annie

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Reviews of Owl in a Towel Lemongrass Hand Soap Brown

Review by Laurissa

Lemongrass Hand Soap

Laurissa, in her video review, introduces us to the Lemongrass Hand Soap by Owl in a Towel. She mentions that she chose to place this soap in her kitchen, which sees the most use in her household. Laurissa is impressed with this hand soap, as it effectively washes and lathers well, leaving no residue behind. She appreciates that it doesn't dry out her hands, unlike some other soaps. Laurissa plans to repurchase this soap for her kitchen once it runs out, as it comes in a large, long-lasting bottle. She also commends Owl in a Towel for their eco-friendly approach to both their products and packaging. Overall, Laurissa's review highlights the Lemongrass Hand Soap as a reliable and gentle option for everyday use in the kitchen.

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