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review of Palladio Beauty CC Cream  by kyrkenstad
CC Cream
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Video Review of #PALLADIO BEAUTY CC Cream by Kyrk

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What Kyrk says about CC Cream Medium 30n neutral undertone

CC Cream Medium 30n neutral undertone by Kyrk

The CC Cream in Medium 30n neutral undertone color by Palladio Beauty is a great alternative to foundation, especially for those with red undertones. Kyrk, the reviewer, loves how this CC cream provides a yellowish tint that perfectly complements their skin tone. It's the ideal choice for occasions when they want to look put together without wearing heavy makeup. The lightweight formula of this CC cream is a major plus, as it dries matte and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with oily skin like Kyrk. Overall, Kyrk finds the CC Cream in Medium 30n to be a reliable option that leaves their skin looking flawless and natural.

Reviews of Palladio Beauty CC Cream Medium 30n neutral undertone

Review by Sasha

CC Cream

Palladio Beauty has once again impressed with their CC Cream in Medium 30n neutral undertone color. Sasha raves about the luxurious texture of this affordable brand's CC cream, claiming it to be the best she has ever tried. Packed with peptides and vitamin C, this CC cream not only matches Sasha's medium 30N shade perfectly, but also provides lightweight coverage that effectively handles oily skin. It's a versatile product suitable for all skin types, but particularly beneficial for those with oily skin seeking an everyday CC cream. Despite lacking SPF, Sasha recommends applying sunscreen beforehand. Overall, this CC cream offers a high-end feel without the hefty price tag, making it a must-try for anyone in search of a flawless complexion.

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Review by Kyrk

CC Cream

Reviewer Kyrk had to try the CC Cream in Medium 30n neutral undertone color by Palladio Beauty because they love CC cream. They decided to apply it heavily to test its natural look. Initially, it appeared a bit strange, but it blended well, covering redness and evening out the skin tone effectively. However, due to the heavy application, Kyrk felt a bit washed out and had to complete their makeup routine. With a full face, the CC Cream looked cute. Overall, this product successfully conceals imperfections and provides a natural finish. The only drawback seems to be the need for careful application to avoid looking overly pale.

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