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review of Pixi FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches - 60ct  by courtreezybusiness
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Video Review of #PIXI FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches - 60ct by Courtney Adanna

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What Courtney Adanna says about FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches - 60ct Green

FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches - 60ct Green by Courtney Adanna

Courtney is absolutely in love with Pixi's FortifEYE Toner Eye Patches. She raves about how essential they are for de-puffing, rejuvenating, and hydrating her under eyes. Courtney especially enjoys using them on weekends to fully experience the benefits. She admits to leaving them on for longer than recommended because she can't get enough of the hydration they provide. After using the eye patches, Courtney's under eyes look hydrated, glowy, and awake. She also mentions that they make makeup application easier. Courtney emphasizes that quality doesn't always come with a high price tag and believes these $20 eye patches outperform pricier alternatives. Overall, Courtney's video review highlights the effectiveness and value of Pixi's FortifEYE Toner Eye Patches for achieving hydrated and rejuvenated under eyes.

Reviews of Pixi FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches - 60ct Green

Review by Imani

FortifEYE Toner Eye Patches 60ct

During her application, Imani left the patches on for a longer duration than instructed, around 20 minutes instead of the recommended 10 minutes. She noticed that most of the collagen and solution from the patches were absorbed into her skin, which she found to be awesome. To ensure a secure fit, she gently patted the patches onto her skin without washing her face afterwards.

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