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review of Pixi Large Lash Serum  by 654185cbd2084e1d7197f88a
Large Lash Serum
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Video Review of #PIXI Large Lash Serum by Bashi

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Reviews of Pixi Large Lash Serum Green

Review by Ashlie

Large Lash Serum

The Large Lash Serum by Pixi is the focus of Ashlie's initial review. She mentions that the serum is smaller than expected, but the applicator is easy to use. Ashlie applies the serum to her lashes, including the lower ones, and notes that it is sensitive eyeball approved. She advises against getting the serum directly in the eye as it may cause irritation. After about 10 minutes, Ashlie concludes that the serum is gentle and does not cause any discomfort. Overall, the Large Lash Serum by Pixi seems to be a promising product for those looking to enhance their lashes without any irritation.

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