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review of Pley Beauty Liquid Asset Eyeliner - Exclusive  by dewy_dweeb
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Video Review of #PLEY BEAUTY Liquid Asset Eyeliner - Exclusive by Saharah

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Reviews of Pley Beauty Liquid Asset Eyeliner - Exclusive Purple pley

Review by Betsy

Liquid Asset Eyeliner - Exclusive

One of Betsy's new favorite eyeliners is the Liquid Asset Foolproof Liquid Eyeliner from Pley Beauty. The stunning ultraviolet purple color is sure to catch your attention. Betsy loves how easy it is to apply and how well it stays in place. She recommends layering it with a green shade for a fun and eye-catching look. Overall, Betsy is impressed with the Liquid Asset Eyeliner and finds it to be a beautiful and versatile addition to her makeup collection.

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