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review of Probelle Nickel Foot File  by predupre
Nickel Foot File
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Video Review of #PROBELLE Nickel Foot File by Cynthia

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What Cynthia says about Nickel Foot File White

Nickel Foot File White by Cynthia

Cynthia, in her video review, demonstrates the effectiveness of the Nickel Foot File in White color by Probelle. She begins by addressing the roughness on her heel and praises the foot file for its ability to smooth and soften the skin. The file features two sides, with the coarser side tackling the hard work and the less coarse side providing a finishing touch. Cynthia is impressed with the file's performance in getting rid of roughness. She plans to follow up with a mask and cream for further foot care. Overall, Cynthia's review highlights the foot file's ability to deliver desired results and improve the condition of the skin. However, it would be helpful to include information about the durability and longevity of the product to provide a more comprehensive assessment.

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