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review of ProtoArc Detachable Milk Frother MMF9304  by hello1234568186
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Video Review of #PROTOARC Detachable Milk Frother MMF9304 by Laura

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Reviews of ProtoArc Detachable Milk Frother MMF9304 Moonlight White

Review by Samantha

Detachable Milk Frother MMF9304

Samantha discovered that the Starbucks pumpkin cold cream foam is back and wanted to try making it herself. She chose the Maistry House milk frother and was not disappointed. With this frother, she could easily pour in her favorite milk, such as half vanilla soy milk and half caramel oat creamer. The frothing whisk in the center and the various settings allowed her to achieve the perfect consistency for replicating Starbucks' cold cream foam. The frother worked quickly, taking only a minute, which is great for busy mornings. Samantha was impressed with the barista-style results, as it made her feel like she was enjoying a cup of coffee from her favorite coffee shop every single morning.

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