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Video review of PUBLIC GOODS Candle - Black Currant  by hiamberskyec
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Video Review of #PUBLIC GOODS Candle - Black Currant by Amber

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Reviews of PUBLIC GOODS Candle - Black Currant White

Review by Kayla

Video review of Candle - Black Currant by Kayla

Healthy ingredients, no dyes, parabens, or chemicals make Candle - Black Currant by PUBLIC GOODS a great choice. Kayla's video review highlights the product's puppy-approved scent. The candle's natural composition ensures a safe and pleasant experience. While the price is not mentioned, the focus remains on the candle's quality. With its enticing black currant fragrance, this candle is a must-have for those seeking a chemical-free option. The absence of any drawbacks mentioned in the transcription further solidifies its appeal. PUBLIC GOODS' Candle - Black Currant is a top-notch choice for anyone looking to enhance their space with a delightful and safe aroma.

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Review by Brett

Video review of Candle - Black Currant by Brett

The candle of the day is the Public Goods Black Currant. Brett, the reviewer, mentioned that he had tried this candle before but didn't let it burn for long. He described the scent as fruity and expressed his liking for it. Overall, the Black Currant candle by Public Goods seems to have a pleasant and appealing fragrance. However, since the video review transcription is relatively short, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive assessment of the product's benefits and potential drawbacks. Nonetheless, based on Brett's positive reaction to the fruity scent, it can be inferred that the candle offers a refreshing and enjoyable aroma.

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Review by Sierra

Video review of Black Currant Candle by Sierra

Sierra, an avid candle enthusiast, highly recommends the Candle - Black Currant by PUBLIC GOODS. In her video review, she praises the three-wick design, describing the scent as "insane" and the overall look as "clean" and "sleek." Sierra emphasizes the exceptional longevity of these candles, making them a must-have for candle lovers. With a concise and straightforward style, she urges viewers to explore this product. Overall, Sierra's review highlights the Candle - Black Currant's impressive qualities, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a high-quality candle experience.

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