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review of PYM Health Mood Chews - Citrus   by madeau
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Video Review of #PYM HEALTH Mood Chews - Citrus by Madelaine

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What Madelaine says about Mood Chews - Citrus Yellow

Mood Chews - Citrus Yellow by Madelaine

Madelaine, a reviewer, highly recommends Mood Chews in Yellow color by PYM Health for those who need to calm down. Working in a high-paced and stressful environment, Madelaine suggests these chews to anyone on the verge of a breakdown. With 130 milligrams of GABA, known for countering anxiety by slowing down brain receptors, these chews are a game-changer. Additionally, they contain 90 milligrams of L-C9, an amino acid found in tea that promotes relaxation and fights anxiety. After taking these chews, Madelaine describes the feeling as if you've just taken a relaxing walk in the fresh air and sunshine. They don't make you tired, but rather more relaxed, focused, and concentrated. Overall, Madelaine believes that these Mood Chews are a must-have for anyone seeking a sense of calm and relief from stress and anxiety.

Reviews of PYM Health Mood Chews - Citrus Yellow

Review by Madelaine

Mood Chews

Madelaine, in her video review, discusses her experience with Mood Chews in Yellow color by PYM Health. She mentions that these chews provide support for stress, worry, and overwhelm, which many people can relate to. Madelaine appreciates the mood boost she gets from these chews, describing the feeling as if she just took a long, relaxing walk on the beach with fresh air and sunshine. She also highlights the convenience of the small packaging, allowing her to always have one in her purse. The inclusion of a booklet with detailed information is another positive aspect she mentions. Overall, Madelaine feels that these chews have helped her feel less heavy and more capable of managing her daily tasks.

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