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review of R+Co Acid Wash Acv Rinse  by santiaramos
Acid Wash Acv Rinse
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Video Review of #R+CO Acid Wash Acv Rinse by Santia

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Reviews of R+Co Acid Wash Acv Rinse Multi

Review by Santia


The reviewer, Santia, provides a quick and straightforward review of the ACID WASH ACV Rinse by R+Co in their video. They start off by praising the product, highlighting its versatility as both a shampoo and a co-wash. Santia mentions that the rinse made their hair feel incredibly soft, a result they had never experienced with any other shampoo. They give it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating and highly recommend it. Additionally, Santia appreciates the scalp benefits provided by the product. Overall, the ACID WASH ACV Rinse by R+Co receives glowing praise from Santia for its exceptional performance and unique qualities.

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