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review of R+Co Television Perfect Hair Conditioner  by laurweeks
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Video Review of #R+CO Television Perfect Hair Conditioner by Laur

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What Laur says about Television Perfect Hair Conditioner Multi

Television Perfect Hair Conditioner Multi by Laur

The reviewer, Laur, shares her model routine and highlights the products she uses in the shower. She mentions that all the products she uses are from Flip. Laur starts by praising the Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream for its moisturizing properties while shaving. She then mentions the Lady Sweet Combo, which includes a serum for maintaining the appearance of her intimate areas. Moving on to hair care, Laur raves about the Kristoff Robin Luscious Curl Cleanser, which she considers her holy grail shampoo for her curly hair. She follows it up with high praise for the R&Co Television Hair Conditioner, which leaves her with soft, silky curls and minimal frizz. Laur also mentions that the conditioner has a fantastic sandal scent. Lastly, she mentions the Corpus Gel Body Wash in rose scent, which she uses as a perfume due to its long-lasting fragrance. Overall, Laur expresses her satisfaction with the products and states that she would purchase them.

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