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review of RMS Beauty Go Nude Lip Pencil  by trulymonse
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Video Review of #RMS BEAUTY Go Nude Lip Pencil by Monserrat

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Reviews of RMS Beauty Go Nude Lip Pencil Sunrise nude

Review by Sasha

Go Nude Lip Pencil

The Go Nude Lip Pencil in Sunrise nude color by RMS Beauty, as discussed by Sasha in their video review, offers a versatile option for those seeking a natural lip look. Sasha appreciates the inclusion of a sharpener, which adds convenience to the product. The angled brush shape is praised for its ability to clean up the lips effectively. However, Sasha advises against using this pencil if you have a lot of wrinkles around your lips, as it may require excessive pressure and result in pigment getting stuck. Despite this drawback, Sasha finds the shade to be cute, describing it as a nudish pink rather than a brown tone. The lip pencil is recommended for normal and oily skin types, as it holds up well throughout the day. Overall, the Go Nude Lip Pencil in Sunrise nude color by RMS Beauty is a suitable choice for those looking for a natural lip shade, particularly for individuals with normal to oily skin.

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