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review of Ruby Gertrude Picnic Candle  by gracieroesbusiness
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Video Review of #RUBY GERTRUDE Picnic Candle by Grace Roes

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What Grace Roes says about Picnic Candle Green

Picnic Candle Green by Grace Roes

Grace shares her experience with the Picnic Candle, describing it as smelling like tea tree oil and a man's bedroom. She mentions that the candle burns evenly, which is a rare quality. Despite its small size, Grace appreciates that it lasts a long time. She also notes that the candle emits a cold scent. Grace humorously compares the fragrance to her ex-boyfriend's trauma but finds it delightful.

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Reviews of Ruby Gertrude Picnic Candle Green

Review by Alex

Picnic Candle

Alex provides a detailed and enthusiastic review of the Picnic Candle by Ruby Gertrude. They express their love for candles and mention that they only burn them all the way if they truly enjoy them. According to Alex, this candle stands out because it has a unique, sweet scent that is not like typical vanilla or candy fragrances. They describe it as almost tart, which adds to its distinctiveness. Alex also notes that the candle smells expensive and they are pleased with their choice, especially since they received it as a free product from Flip. Overall, they highly recommend the Picnic Candle by Ruby Gertrude.

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Review by Paige Brown

Picnic Candle

For me, the Picnic Candle by Ruby Gertrude was a bit of a disappointment. The packaging was undeniably adorable, and the initial scent upon opening the box was pleasant. However, I was let down by the crooked sticker on the candle itself, which forced me to position it towards the wall. Even when I lit the candle, I found that it didn't fill the air with a noticeable aroma. While the candle's aesthetic appeal is a plus, its lack of fragrance may be a drawback for those seeking a more aromatic experience. Overall, the Picnic Candle by Ruby Gertrude falls short in delivering a satisfying scent.

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