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review of Sally Hansen GOOD. KIND. PURE. POLISH  by colleenhigginbotha
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Video Review of #SALLY HANSEN GOOD. KIND. PURE. POLISH by Colleen

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What Colleen says about GOOD. KIND. PURE. POLISH Sun-tastic

GOOD. KIND. PURE. POLISH Sun-tastic by Colleen

Hi everyone, this is a review of Sally Hansen's Good.Kind.Pure Nail Polish in the shade Suntastic by Colleen. Colleen mentions that the nail polish comes with a thick application brush, making it easy to apply. However, she does note that the color is a little bit light, requiring three coats for full coverage. Despite this, Colleen loves the finished color. Overall, the Good.Kind.Pure Nail Polish in Suntastic is a convenient and high-quality option for those looking for a lasting color. The thick application brush ensures easy and precise application. While it may require multiple coats for desired opacity, the end result is a beautiful and satisfying color.

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