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review of Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant Gel  by aliferisa42
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Video Review of #SALT & STONE Natural Deodorant Gel by Athenae

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Reviews of Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant Gel Santal & Vetiver

Review by Adriana

Natural Deodorant Gel

Adriana, in her video review, shared her experience with the Natural Deodorant Gel in Santal & Vetiver color by Salt & Stone. She mentioned that after a long day of cleaning and working out, the deodorant proved effective. However, she did have to reapply it midday. Adriana noted that her left armpit had a slight odor, which she attributed to anxiety. Despite this, she rated the right pit 7 out of 10 and the left pit 5 out of 10. She emphasized that the deodorant has an amazing scent, but reapplication may be necessary. Overall, Adriana recommended giving it a try if you don't mind the need for occasional touch-ups.

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