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review of Serious Skincare A Defiance A Eye XR  by SashaMUA
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Video Review of #SERIOUS SKINCARE A Defiance A Eye XR by Sasha

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What Sasha says about A Defiance A Eye XR White

A Defiance A Eye XR White by Sasha

Sasha recently tried the new retinol cream by Serious Skincare, called A Defiance A Eye XR. She was impressed by its nano-encapsulated retinol formula, which holds great promise. The cream has a lightweight, serum-like texture that spreads easily and is concealer friendly. As a makeup artist, Sasha appreciates eye creams that work well under makeup, and this one does the job perfectly. Although she needs more time to fully assess its effectiveness, Sasha is optimistic about the results. Overall, A Defiance A Eye XR seems to be a promising retinol eye cream that could be a great addition to anyone's skincare routine.

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Reviews of Serious Skincare A Defiance A Eye XR White

Review by Nicole

A Defiance A Eye XR

The A Defiance A Eye XR by Serious Skincare is a time-released nano-encapsulated retinol eye cream concentrate that Nicole has been using for a few days. Despite having sensitive and dry skin, she hasn't experienced any irritation. Nicole applies the cream under her eyes and follows up with her regular eye cream, without any issues of pilling or pulling away of her concealer. She appreciates the gentle and time-released formula of the encapsulated retinol, which is beneficial for the delicate under-eye area. Overall, Nicole's initial experience with the A Defiance A Eye XR has been positive, with no drawbacks mentioned.

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