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review of Sibu Hydrating Facial Serum  by wellnesswithdelaney
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Video Review of #SIBU Hydrating Facial Serum by Delaney

Reviews of Sibu Hydrating Facial Serum Orange

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What Delaney says about Hydrating Facial Serum Orange

Hydrating Facial Serum Orange by Delaney

Delaney raves about the Hydrating Face Serum by Sibu - VOID, claiming it provides the most hydrated skin ever. She highlights the serum's key ingredients, including C. Buckthorn for omega-7 fatty acids and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. Delaney emphasizes that the serum naturally boosts collagen production and is great for anti-aging, without harsh chemicals. She loves how it seamlessly layers into her skincare routine, without pilling or feeling heavy. Delaney describes the serum as super thin and juicy, effortlessly absorbed by the skin. She concludes by expressing her love for the serum, as it leaves her skin hydrated and healthy.

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