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review of Skin1004 Bloody Peel  by annieliu0202
Bloody Peel
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Video Review of #SKIN1004 Bloody Peel by Annie

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What Annie says about Bloody Peel Red

Bloody Peel Red by Annie

Annie's video review of the Bloody Peel by Skin1004 showcases the product's effectiveness in providing soft and hydrated skin. With a 17% AHA concentration, this chemical exfoliant offers impressive results. Despite initial concerns about sensitive skin, Annie discovered that the peel contains beneficial ingredients like vitamin C and apple extract, which contribute to hydration and brightening. Although the peel caused a burning sensation upon application, Annie's face felt noticeably softer after rinsing it off. While some redness persisted for a couple of days, proper sun protection and moisturization restored her skin to its normal state. Overall, the Bloody Peel by Skin1004 proves to be a reliable option for achieving smooth and nourished skin.

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Reviews of Bloody Peel

Review by Bobbi

Bloody Peel

Okay, so Bobbi tried the Bloody Peel by Skin1004, also known as the Zombie Beauty Facial Peel. She found it super fun to use. All she had to do was apply it to her face, leave it on for one minute, and then wash it off. She did mention that it is a chemical peel, so she expected some burning, which is normal. However, she was pleasantly surprised to experience minimal burning. After washing her face, Bobbi noticed that her skin felt awesome. She believes that with continued use, she will see even better results. Overall, Bobbi had a positive experience with the Bloody Peel and is excited to see how it continues to improve her skin.

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Review by Amber

Bloody Peel

The Bloody Peel boasts a powerful 70% AHA solution, which instantly exfoliates the skin, leaving it with a smooth texture and surface. Amber demonstrates the application process, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the eyes and mouth. After leaving it on for just one minute, she rinses it off, leaving us eagerly awaiting the results.

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