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review of Solinotes Body Mist - 250 Ml - Vanilla/Vanille  by anagabriarroyo
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Video Review of #SOLINOTES Body Mist - 250 Ml - Vanilla/Vanille by AnaBell

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Reviews of Solinotes Body Mist - 250 Ml - Vanilla/Vanille Vanilla

Review by Logan

Body Mist - Vanilla/Vanille

Logan raves about the Body Mist - Vanilla/Vanille by Solinotes, describing it as a deliciously scented perfume. She loves how it smells exactly like a vanilla bean and has been using it religiously since she got it. Logan applies it all over her body, hair, and clothes, and finds it to be absolutely divine. According to her, it's the perfect fragrance to use after a shower. Overall, Logan highly recommends this body mist, emphasizing its amazing scent and its ability to make you smell delicious. She encourages everyone to give it a try.

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