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Video review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Tonka/Tonka  by chestiny30
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Video Review of #SOLINOTES Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Tonka/Tonka by chestiny

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Reviews of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Tonka/Tonka Brown

Review by Cindy Morales

Video review of Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Tonka/Tonka by Cindy Morales

Cindy, a reviewer, shares her thoughts on the Eau de Parfum - Tonka/Tonka by Solinotes. She expresses her love for the rose fragrance she previously tried from Solinotes and her excitement for the winter-scented Tonka perfume. Upon opening the box, she immediately notices the delicious vanilla scent, accompanied by hints of mandarin, amber, and musk. Cindy describes the fragrance as sophisticated and perfect for the winter season. She emphasizes the delightful combination of vanilla and amber notes, making it a truly delicious scent. Overall, Cindy finds the Tonka perfume to be a very nice and sophisticated fragrance option.

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Review by Kari

Video review of Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Tonka/Tonka by Kari

Alright guys, so Kari had mixed feelings about the Tonka perfume by Solinotes. While she loved the packaging and was initially excited about the fragrance, it didn't quite meet her expectations. The notes of mandarin flower, vanilla tonka, and amber musk sounded promising, but the scent didn't wow her. However, Kari did appreciate that the perfume was not overpowering and she could spray multiple times without it becoming overwhelming. Despite not being her go-to perfume, she still found it to be a clean and wearable option. Overall, the Tonka perfume by Solinotes may not be a standout fragrance for everyone, but its subtle and non-overpowering nature could make it a suitable choice for those who prefer a more understated scent.

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