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review of Tenoverten The Cleanse  by nadineambramcyk
The Cleanse
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Video Review of #TENOVERTEN The Cleanse by Nadine Abramcyk

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What Nadine Abramcyk says about The Cleanse Beige

The Cleanse Beige by Nadine Abramcyk

The Cleanse by Tenoverten is a must-have hand wash, according to Nadine, one of the co-founders of 10 Over 10. In her video review, she praises its super hydrating formula, infused with cedar and mandarin. Nadine demonstrates how just one pump of this hand wash creates a luxurious lather that feels incredibly nourishing on the skin. The best part? Unlike other hand washes, The Cleanse eliminates the need for applying lotion afterward, leaving hands perfectly moisturized. Nadine's enthusiasm for this product is evident as she mentions placing it in every bathroom in her house. With its divine scent and hydrating properties, The Cleanse by Tenoverten is a sink side superstar that ensures beautifully cared-for hands without the hassle of additional moisturizers.

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Reviews of Tenoverten The Cleanse Beige

Review by Liana

The Cleanse

The Cleanse by Tenoverten is a hand cleanser that caught Liana's attention in her video review. She expresses her love for this bougie product, highlighting its impressive features. The hand cleanser is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and naturally scented. Liana emphasizes the main ingredient, water, which she finds amazing. The packaging is also a standout, adding a cute touch to any bathroom. Overall, Liana's review portrays The Cleanse as a luxurious way to keep hands youthful and clean. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or personal experiences with the product.

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Review by Raquel

The Cleanse

Raquel provides a glowing review of The Cleanse by Tenoverten in her video review. She initially mistook it for a cleanser but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a hand soap. The scent of mandarin adds to its appeal, and Raquel emphasizes that it is incredibly hydrating and effectively removes dirt from her hands. She even mentions using it to clean her sink due to its effectiveness. Raquel believes that hand soap has become a luxury item during the pandemic, and she expresses her desire to repurchase The Cleanse. Overall, Raquel's review highlights the product's hydrating properties, pleasant scent, and versatility in cleaning.

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