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review of Tenoverten The Sole Scrub  by shaynawhitek
The Sole Scrub
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Video Review of #TENOVERTEN The Sole Scrub by Shayna

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What Shayna says about The Sole Scrub Natural

The Sole Scrub Natural by Shayna

The Sole Scrub by Tenoverten is a foot scrub that Shayna received as a free gift. In her video review, she mentions that upon opening the product, she was greeted with a refreshing citrus scent that she found amazing. She demonstrates the texture of the scrub, describing it as great and something that would work well on her feet. Although she didn't show her feet in the video, she tries the scrub on her fingers and is impressed by the texture. Overall, Shayna's review highlights the positive aspects of The Sole Scrub, emphasizing its refreshing scent and effective texture. However, it's important to note that she does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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Reviews of Tenoverten The Sole Scrub Natural

Review by Karen

The Sole Scrub

The Sole Scrub by Tenoverten is a remarkable product that Karen highly recommends. In her video review, she mentions that the scrub is incredibly effective in exfoliating the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. She compares the texture to something grainy that quickly melts away upon application. Karen emphasizes that the scrub is gentle enough to be used daily, making it a convenient addition to her skincare routine. One of the standout benefits she highlights is its ability to remove dead skin, which is particularly useful between pedicures. Overall, Karen's experience with The Sole Scrub has been positive, and she encourages others to give it a try for maintaining soft and healthy feet.

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