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review of Terra & Co. Gentle Green Toothbrush  by kjehannavt2000
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Video Review of #TERRA & CO. Gentle Green Toothbrush by Kirsten

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What Kirsten says about Gentle Green Toothbrush White

Gentle Green Toothbrush White by Kirsten

The Gentle Green Toothbrush by Terra & Co. - VOID is a unique toothbrush made with wheat straw, as mentioned by Kirsten in her video review. The packaging is simple and compact, making it convenient for travel. Kirsten highlights the soft bristles of the toothbrush, which provide a gentle and clean feeling after brushing. However, she mentions that the bristles may not be ideal for removing debris from the tongue. Despite this, Kirsten acknowledges that the toothbrush is lightweight and fluffy, making it suitable for those who prefer a softer brushing experience. Overall, the Gentle Green Toothbrush offers a gentle and eco-friendly option for oral care.

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