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review of The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser  by sashamua
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Video Review of #THE ORDINARY Squalane Cleanser by Sasha

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Reviews of The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser Grey

Review by Ariel

Squalane Cleanser

The reviewer, Ariel, shares their experience with The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser. They highlight that this cleanser not only removes makeup but also effectively traps oil and dirt, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft. Ariel mentions that the product is suitable for all skin types, particularly beneficial for those with dry skin. However, they caution that individuals with oily skin may find it too heavy. Ariel demonstrates the application process, emphasizing the importance of working the cleanser in the hands until it becomes shiny before applying it to the face. After rinsing, Ariel showcases their hydrated and amazing-looking skin. They highly recommend others to try The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser and encourage them to add it to their cart. Overall, Ariel's review portrays the product as a hydrating and effective cleanser suitable for various skin types.

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Review by Sasha

Squalane Cleanser

The reviewer, Sasha, shares their experience with The Ordinary's Squalane Cleanser in their video review. Sasha, who has acne-prone skin, explains that this cleanser is perfect for their skin type as it does not clog their pores or cause irritation. They mention that they have tried various oils in the past, but many of them led to breakouts and skin issues. However, the Squalane Cleanser has been a game-changer for Sasha. They even use it as a glide for their gua sha, highlighting its versatility. Overall, Sasha highly recommends this cleanser for its neutral formula and its ability to effectively cleanse without causing any skin problems.

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Review by Alice

Squalane Cleanser

The reviewer, Alice, put the Squalane Cleanser by The Ordinary to the test and was pleasantly surprised. She had trust issues with two-in-one makeup removers and cleansers, as she always had to do a double cleanse. However, this product proved to be different. Alice applied waterproof liquid liner and matte liquid lipstick, and while the lipstick broke up easily, the liner stayed put. After wiping it off with a damp cloth, she was shocked to find that her face was super clean and not greasy at all. Alice initially thought the product might be a scam, but she found it to be legit. Overall, the Squalane Cleanser by The Ordinary impressed Alice with its effectiveness in removing makeup and leaving her skin feeling clean.

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