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review of Tower 28 Beauty OneLiner Multi-Liner  by predupre
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Video Review of #TOWER 28 BEAUTY OneLiner Multi-Liner by Cynthia

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Reviews of Tower 28 Beauty OneLiner Multi-Liner Fill me in (rosy nude)

Review by Juliana

OneLiner Multi-Liner

The OneLiner Multi-Liner in the shade "Fill me in" by Tower 28 Beauty has left Juliana thoroughly impressed. In her video review, she raves about its versatility and stunning color. Juliana demonstrates how the liner can be used not only on the lips but also as a blush on the cheeks. She describes the shade as a beautiful nudie pink that can be enhanced with a lip oil for added allure. The convenience of this multi-stick product is another highlight for Juliana, as she recommends keeping it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups. Overall, Juliana considers the Tower 28 Multiliner a must-have, praising its ability to serve multiple purposes effortlessly.

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