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review of Tower 28 Beauty Sculptino Soft Cream Contour  by emily_harper_
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Video Review of #TOWER 28 BEAUTY Sculptino Soft Cream Contour by emily

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What emily says about Sculptino Soft Cream Contour Broad (fair light neutral undertones)

Sculptino Soft Cream Contour Broad (fair light neutral undertones) by emily

She reveals that she purchased her first Sculptino Soft Cream Contour two months ago and has almost used up the entire product. This speaks to the longevity and quality of the bronzer. emily even plans to finish her current one before opening her new one, which is a testament to her satisfaction with the product.

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Reviews of Sculptino Soft Cream Contour

Review by Arianna

Sculptino Soft Cream Contour

Based on Arianna's enthusiasm and her positive experiences with other Tower 28 products, it's clear that the brand has won her over. The Sculptino Soft Cream Contour is expected to deliver excellent results, just like its counterparts. With its broad shade range and fair light neutral undertones, it caters to a wide range of skin tones. The cream is designed to provide a natural-looking contour, enhancing facial features without appearing heavy or cakey.

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Review by Melody Omaille

Sculptino Soft Cream Contour

Melody recently tried the Sculptino Soft Cream Contour in Broad (fair light neutral undertones) color by Tower 28 Beauty. In her video review, she expressed her excitement about trying a product from Tower 28 for the first time. Melody applied the cream contour using her real techniques expert face brush, warming it up on the back of her hand. She mentioned that the color was slightly warm but still suitable for contouring her face. Melody was impressed with how well the product contoured her cheekbones, giving her a bronzy look. Overall, she had a positive experience with the Sculptino Soft Cream Contour and thanked her viewers for watching.

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