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review of Tower 28 Beauty Swipe Serum Concealer  by flawlessbyalondra
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Video Review of #TOWER 28 BEAUTY Swipe Serum Concealer by Alondra

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What Alondra says about Swipe Serum Concealer 4dtla - light with medium cool

Swipe Serum Concealer 4dtla - light with medium cool by Alondra

Alondra, a reviewer, shares her experience with the Swipe Serum Concealer in 4dtla - light with medium cool color by Tower 28 Beauty. She praises the coverage and the serum-like feel of the concealer. Alondra applies it with a brush and finds shade four to be a perfect match for her natural skin tone. She demonstrates how the concealer seamlessly blends into her under-eye area, brightening and providing sufficient coverage. After completing her makeup, Alondra notes that the concealer gives a beautiful finish, although she mentions that it tends to crease slightly, even after setting it. She suggests using a good setting powder to ensure longevity. Overall, Alondra considers this concealer to be a great product that many people will enjoy.

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