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Video review of Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar  by jylocklear
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Video Review of #URBAN SKIN RX Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Jessica

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Reviews of Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar White

Review by Bianca Stout

Video review of Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Bianca Stout

According to Bianca, this cleansing bar not only helps to even out the skin tone but also serves as a cleanser, exfoliant, and treatment. She highlights the value for money, mentioning that the product lasts a long time as she has used it multiple times without making a noticeable dent in it.

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Review by Irene

Video review of Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Irene

The Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Urban Skin Rx is a great option for those looking to address dark marks and uneven skin tone. Irene, the reviewer, appreciates the gentle exfoliation and cleansing properties of this product. She particularly likes the non-abrasive sponge that comes with it, which is gentle on the skin. The bar creates a gentle lather that effectively cleanses the face without leaving it feeling overly stiff or dry. Irene advises using it every other day instead of twice a day, as it may cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. However, for individuals dealing with hyperpigmentation or seeking to even out their complexion, she highly recommends this product. Overall, the Even Tone Cleansing Bar is a suitable choice for those looking to improve their skin's appearance and texture.

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