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review of Veracity Selfcare Regenerating Infusion  by michaela.meneghini
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Video Review of #VERACITY SELFCARE Regenerating Infusion by Michaela

Reviews of Veracity Selfcare Regenerating Infusion Teal

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What Michaela says about Regenerating Infusion Teal

Regenerating Infusion Teal by Michaela

The reviewer, Michaela, shares her experience with the Regenerating Infusion Vital Concentrate by Veracity Selfcare - VOID. She highlights that this resurfacing treatment contains 8% glycolic acid and is applied after the essence and before the moisturizer and oil. Michaela finds the texture interesting, describing it as goopy but effective. She notices a difference in texture and sees brighter, more even-toned skin when she wakes up. The product absorbs well and dries down, although it may leave a slightly tight feeling due to its resurfacing properties. Overall, Michaela recommends the Regenerating Infusion Vital Concentrate for its ability to improve skin texture and brightness when used in conjunction with proper moisturization.

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