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Video review of VERB Volume Shampoo  by 654e630bcb799acbed3c06cb
Volume Shampoo
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Video Review of #VERB Volume Shampoo by Morgan

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Reviews of VERB Volume Shampoo White

Review by Katie

Video review of Volume Shampoo by Katie

Katie recently tried the Verb Full Body Color Safe Cleanse Volume Shampoo and had some positive things to say about it. She mentioned that the shampoo has a pleasant fruity scent, specifically a citrus fragrance that is not overpowering. Katie also liked how well the shampoo lathered and how clean her hair felt after using it. As someone with thin and fine hair, she noticed that her hair felt thicker and she even experienced some added volume. Katie mentioned that she was recommended this shampoo by a stylist friend and was drawn to it after watching reviews on Flip. Overall, she is happy with her purchase and plans to continue using it to see how she likes it in the long run. She intends to provide a more detailed review after using it for about a week.

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Review by Brittany

Video review of Volume Shampoo by Brittany

Brittany, a satisfied user of VERB's Volume Shampoo, shares her positive experience with the product. She highlights the need for volume in her hair and praises the lightly citrusy scent of the shampoo. Brittany mentions that only a small amount of the shampoo is needed as it lathers well, leaving her hair feeling clean and bouncy. She appreciates the pump bottle design, which provides ample product. However, Brittany encountered an issue with the conditioner and another bottle of shampoo leaking during shipping, suggesting that VERB should consider adding tape to prevent such incidents. Overall, Brittany loves the Volume Shampoo and recommends it to others.

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Review by Angela

Video review of Volume Shampoo by Angela

Angela provides a comprehensive review of VERB's Volume Shampoo in her video. She starts by mentioning that her hair is wet after using the shampoo in the shower. She praises the shampoo's clean smell and proceeds to blow-dry her hair to showcase the volume it provides. Angela is pleased with the finished result, noting that her hair looks voluminous, smooth, and shiny. One of the standout features she highlights is that the shampoo is sulfate and paraffin-free. Overall, Angela's review suggests that VERB's Volume Shampoo delivers on its promise of providing easy volume and leaving the hair looking healthy and vibrant.

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