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review of VERB Volume Spray  by sarahsings81
Volume Spray
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Video Review of #VERB Volume Spray by Sarah

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What Sarah says about Volume Spray Clear

Volume Spray Clear by Sarah

Sarah, a reviewer, tried the Volume Spray by VERB on her damp hair after a long day at the gym and work. She found that it provided just enough volume without being overly dramatic like Dolly Parton's hair. Sarah, being from Jersey, appreciates volume and was pleased with the results. She mentioned that she hadn't heard of VERB before but was impressed with their products. Although she believes that using the spray in combination with curling and rollers would provide even more volume, she gave it an 8 out of 10 for its trial run. Overall, Sarah's review highlights the Volume Spray's ability to add oomph to the hair without going overboard, making it a great option for those who desire some extra volume.

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Reviews of VERB Volume Spray Clear

Review by Isela

Volume Spray

The Volume Spray by VERB is a game-changer for those with fine, thin hair. Isela, in her video review, demonstrates the incredible lift and volume this spray provides. She mentions using it with a diffuser, showcasing the impressive results. Isela also hints at the possibility of straightening her hair with the spray, suggesting even more volume potential. Overall, the Volume Spray by VERB seems to be a reliable product for adding body and lift to limp hair. While Isela doesn't mention any drawbacks, it would be interesting to see if the spray holds up throughout the day. With its ability to transform fine hair, this spray is definitely worth a try.

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