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review of Virtue Healing Oil  by 652f659f59da9151277e2e9f
Healing Oil
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Video Review of #VIRTUE Healing Oil by Sophia

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Reviews of Virtue Healing Oil Blue

Review by diana

Healing Oil

diana recently shared her thoughts on the Healing Oil by Virtue in a video review. She was drawn to this product because she often wakes up with dry ends after sleeping. The instructions recommend using three drops, but since she was only treating half of her hair, she opted for two drops. After warming the oil in her hands, she applied it to her hair and found it to be lightweight, without weighing her hair down. Comparing the treated side to the untreated side, she noticed a significant difference. Her hair had more life and vitality after using the Healing Oil. Overall, diana expressed her love for this product, highlighting its ability to rejuvenate her hair.

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