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review of Wahlash Savae  by mgxine
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Video Review of #WAHLASH Savae by Maxine

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What Maxine says about Savae Black

Savae Black by Maxine

Maxine, in her video review, showcases the stunning Savae lashes by Wahlash. She emphasizes her technique of trimming the edges to ensure a perfect fit for her eyes. By stacking the lashes on the ends, she achieves an impressive volume. Maxine carefully applies the lashes and demonstrates the remarkable difference they make. To blend them seamlessly with her natural lashes, she uses an eyelash curler. The results are nothing short of phenomenal. Maxine expresses her love for these lashes from Wild Lash, highlighting their ability to enhance her overall look. With their easy application and impressive results, the Savae lashes by Wahlash are a must-have for anyone seeking a dramatic and glamorous eye transformation.