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review of Wrinkles Schminkles Hand Wrinkle Patches - 2CT  by laurenexplauren
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Video Review of #WRINKLES SCHMINKLES Hand Wrinkle Patches - 2CT by Lauren

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What Lauren says about Hand Wrinkle Patches - 2CT Clear

Hand Wrinkle Patches - 2CT Clear by Lauren

The Hand Wrinkle Patches - 2CT by Wrinkles Schminkles are a promising solution for combating hand wrinkles and signs of aging, according to Lauren's video review. These reusable silicone patches offer a simple application process of peel, stick, and smooth. With 15 to 20 uses per patch, they provide a decent lifespan. Lauren mentions that silicone is known for its scar-reducing properties, which raises the possibility of it being effective against wrinkles as well. However, she expresses concern about the price and wonders if the patches will last longer without any product or after washing her hands. Overall, the Hand Wrinkle Patches seem like a convenient and potentially effective option for addressing hand wrinkles, but their longevity and cost may be factors to consider.