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Body Cupping Kit - 8CT
Body Cupping Kit - 8CT
/wthn body cupping kit os white
/wthn body cupping kit os white
/wthn body cupping kit os white
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review of WTHN Body Cupping Kit - 8CT  by carlabohna99
review of WTHN Body Cupping Kit - 8CT  by hello1234568017-1
review of WTHN Body Cupping Kit - 8CT  by hello1234568017-1

Body Cupping Kit - 8CT #WTHN

Color: White


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Reviews of WTHN Body Cupping Kit - 8CT White

review of WTHN Body Cupping Kit - 8CT  by hello1234568017-1

Review by Marielou

Marielou tried the Body Cupping Kit by WTHN and was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use and thoughtful design. She found it simple to apply and remove, with the skin easily wiggling around it. Although she didn't leave it on long enough to see significant results, she appreciated how effortless it was to use. The cupping kit provided a unique and wild experience, leaving Marielou excited to continue using it. Overall, she found the Body Cupping Kit by WTHN to be a user-friendly and well-designed product, making it a worthwhile addition to anyone's self-care routine.

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  • Easy to use
  • Thoughtful design
  • Comes off easy

Review by Marielou

Body Cupping Kit

The Body Cupping Kit by WTHN, as discussed by Marielou in their video review, offers numerous benefits for promoting circulation and muscle recovery. By using suction to tug on the skin and muscle tissue, this kit increases blood flow, providing a reverse massage experience. Athletes particularly find cupping therapy helpful for muscle recovery due to the enhanced blood circulation from the suction. Marielou highlights that the information she shares is from the brand's blog, ensuring credibility. Overall, the Body Cupping Kit by WTHN seems to be an effective tool for improving circulation and aiding in muscle recovery. However, it is important to follow proper instructions to maximize its benefits.

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About WTHN

About WTHN

Ancient Healing, Modern Wellness Effective, holistic solutions for mind-body wellness rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Founded in: 2018
Origin: USA
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