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review of You Bronze Back Applicator Refill  by wkitterle
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Video Review of #YOU BRONZE Back Applicator Refill by Wendy

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Reviews of You Bronze Back Applicator Refill Pink

Review by Melissa Baines

Back Applicator Refill

Okay, coming to you inside her RV bathroom, Melissa shares her experience with the Back Applicator Refill by You Bronze. As an avid self-tanner, she used to rely on her husband to apply the product on her back using a mitt. However, with Flip's Back Applicator, she no longer needs to bother him. The sponge is incredibly easy to use, and Melissa loves how long-lasting it is. Even after three uses, the sponge remains undamaged, unlike her discolored mitt. Simply slide it on and off, and voila! Melissa considers it the best invention ever. With its convenience and durability, the Back Applicator Refill by You Bronze is a game-changer for hassle-free self-tanning.

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