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review of Youthforia Dewy Gloss  by starsaidso
Dewy Gloss
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Video Review of #YOUTHFORIA Dewy Gloss by Star

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Reviews of Youthforia Dewy Gloss 08 make some noise

Review by Youthforia

Dewy Gloss - 08 Make Some Noise

This is the Youthforia Dewy Gloss in Make Some Noise, a favorite shade that offers a stunning magenta pink color. The application is made easy with a tip applicator, allowing for precise lines on the lips. Unlike other lip oils, this gloss maintains its high gloss shine for longer, thanks to its lip oil lip gloss hybrid formula. One notable advantage is that it is made with castor oil, making it more environmentally friendly compared to lip glosses containing liquid microplastics. The Dewy Gloss creates a beautiful shine and is not sticky, providing a comfortable and visually appealing lip product. Overall, Youthforia praises this gloss for its vibrant color, long-lasting shine, and eco-friendly formulation.

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