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review of ZOYA Nail Polish  by firegoddessem
Nail Polish
#ZOYANail Polish
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Video Review of #ZOYA Nail Polish by Emem N.

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Reviews of ZOYA Nail Polish Marcia

Review by Tamera

Nail Polish

Tamera, in her video review, introduces us to the Nail Polish in Marcia color by ZOYA. She describes it as a beautiful shade that is a hybrid of pink and orange. Tamera mentions that this color is versatile and can be worn in both fall and summer seasons. She shares her experience of getting her nails done and shows us the final result, expressing her love for the shade. She mentions that it complements various outfits, including black and wild prints. Overall, Tamera's review highlights the attractiveness and versatility of the Marcia color nail polish, making it a great addition to any nail polish collection.

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