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Babe Original Pro Lash Lifter
Babe Original Pro Lash Lifter
/babe lash pro lash lifter os rose gold
/babe lash pro lash lifter os rose gold
/babe lash pro lash lifter os rose gold
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Video review of Babe Original Pro Lash Lifter  by guimaraesannaa
Video review of Babe Original Pro Lash Lifter  by 654471869a04f89e10a9e5bf
Video review of Babe Original Pro Lash Lifter  by 657d479e3fbc4a08cc9d659d

Pro Lash Lifter #Babe Original

Color: Black


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Video review of Pro Lash Lifter by Cristina Brito
Verified Buyer

The Pro Lash Lifter by Babe Original is a product that Cristina reviewed in her video. She mentioned that while it may not be the right fit for her eyes, it could potentially work for others. Cristina found the eyelash curler to be too curved for her liking, preferring a flatter and harder curler. She mentioned that the Pro Lash Lifter only curled the ends of her lashes and not the full lash. Despite this, she acknowledged that it might be suitable for someone else. Overall, Cristina's review suggests that the Pro Lash Lifter may not be the best option for those who prefer a flatter curler, but it could still be worth trying for those with different eye shapes.

Video review of Pro Lash Lifter by Adriana Isabel
Verified Buyer

When it came to using the Pro Lash Lifter on her eyes, Adriana found it easy to line up. However, she did mention that it felt a little big for her eye socket. Despite this, she proceeded to curl her lashes and noticed that it was comfortable to use. The only concern she had was that she couldn't get deeper into her lashes.

About Babe Original

About Babe Original

True beauty embraces originality - and that’s what makes us love what we do. We’re on a mission to inspire you to be you. We believe in creating products that not only give you an instant confidence boost, but help enhance your favorite features over time thanks to powerful results-driven formulas. Our products aren’t about covering up flaws and imperfections, but rather embracing the uniqueness of all individuals and celebrating what makes you an original. We’re here to build a brand used by all ages, ethnicities, and identities to create a safe space in beauty. Regardless of your choice to go barefaced or full glam, you’ll always have a voice at Babe Original.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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