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We create unparalleled skincare crafted to transform lives and lands. WE BELIEVE: - Clean beauty is the only way forward. - In honesty and transparency from sourcing ingredients to product performance to company policies. - In science and its ability to enhance old world wisdom. - Companies have a responsibility to self regulate and set health, safety and performance standards. - In the infinite wisdom of nature and the responsibility of businesses to protect it. - Wellbeing is rooted in mindful rituals. - Diversity, inclusion, representation, and anti-racism are non-negotiable. - Less is more, and buying better means buying higher quality essentials. - In integrity. - In keeping our promises to our family and to you. INGREDIENTS, INNOVATION, AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: In the hills of Sicily rests our 800+ acre organic estate. We are a product of that land, and the belief that clean beauty can be transformative. The home to 1000’s of potent botanicals that have grown stronger and stronger over time, extreme weather, and climates. Watered by a natural spring and cared for by generations of Sicilians, our estate is the source of the wild-foraged organic ingredients that we’ve combined with innovative science to craft our clinically proven, high performance skincare formulas. HERITAGE AND PURPOSE At the heart of the Furtuna Skin brand is the promise a young man made to his immigrant Grandmother about finding and reviving the land of her youth. As a result of that promise, we are part of a purpose-driven family of brands that cares deeply about transforming lives and lands by boosting the local Sicilian economy with job creation, contributing to life-changing opportunities for the Sicilian people. Even our land is designed to conserve Sicily’s biodiversity through sustainable farming and protection of the rare, threatened and valuable species of plants, birds, and other wildlife. Our passion for family, nature, science and socially responsible business has been injected into every aspect of the brand, from sustainable farming to supply chain to product performance. PERFORMANCE DRIVEN BY POTENCY PURE, WILD, AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Old-world wisdom meets modern science to maximize product potency and results. ADVANCED PROCESSES An elite team of botanists, labs, and experts innovate & create category-defining skincare products. EXCLUSIVE FORMULAS Searching the lands, not the labs in our quest to create the world’s finest formulas.

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