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The Potion Youth Recovery Serum

The Potion Youth Recovery Serum

Herb + Flora$22.50
About Herb + Flora

About Herb + Flora

OUR MISSION: HERB + FLORA is an ode to life, to beauty, to achievement. An invitation to push your own limits, to explore what is possible for all Athletes of Life. We leverage the advanced science of energy and performance, combined with the power of botanicals, to create holistic clean beauty products that mimic the effects of exercise on skin, hair and nails and help people get to their own finish line every single day, feeling beautiful, healthy, balanced. Beyond products HERB + FLORA is a lifestyle, a community and an influence network with Beauteams of brand ambassadors who inspire and mentor their followers. OUR BELIEFS: WE BELIEVE in embracing life to the fullest, pushing our own limits and INSPIRING others to do the same. WE BELIEVE in using the latest SCIENCE to empower Athletes of Life to achieve their dreams. WE BELIEVE in the power of together, in empowering people to help people, in a COMMUNITY of shared beliefs. WE BELIEVE beauty is not only skin deep but surrounds us in NATURE and we have the responsibility to protect it. OUR RESPONSIBILITY: At HERB + FLORA we want to CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER WORLD. Our ambition is to be a catalyst for positive change in our communities and a leader in environmental sustainability. HERB + FLORA holds itself to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical business practices. HERB + FLORA strives to make efficient use of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products. We aim to drive sustainability through our own operations, as well as those of our suppliers, and we have set ambitious targets to minimize our impact on climate, waste and water. Most of our product packaging is either recyclable, refillable or made of recycled material and we are aiming at introducing ocean plastic in our range of materials within the next few months. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is endorsed and ingrained at the highest level of HERB + FLORA and is central to how we run our business.

Founded in: 2010
Origin: United States
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Ethically Produced iconEthically Produced
Sustainable iconSustainable
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Made in the US iconMade in the US
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