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About J.Hannah

VALUE PILLARS PIECES TO KEEP FOREVER We create jewelry that is made to last and treasure; for living in and living with. Our collections contextualize the timelessly familiar with the contemporary — the substantiality and simplicity of heirloom pieces reinterpreted with cleaner lines and modern details. We’re inspired by the symbolic layers that jewelry has historically held; the role a piece can play as a meaningful talisman, point of connection, and part of the wearer’s story. Rather than participating in the fashion industry’s seasonal structure, we envision our pieces as part of ever evolving design families, intended to wear together and slowly collect. These signature styles are created alongside more a la carte experimental pieces that are often limited editions or special collaborations. Alongside our jewelry we created a line of signature nail polishes, carefully edited, high quality polishes for the color-resistant. Polishes that consider the gracefulness of hands, and the role of subtle color as an element in the considered wardrobe. All polishes are non-toxic, cruelty free and made in the USA. Every piece in the JH collection is cast from 100% post consumer recycled 14k gold or sterling silver. Our diamonds are all recycled, and our gemstones—when not recycled—are mindfully sourced and traceable to origin. Every JH piece is individually hand-fabricated in Los Angeles; creating our collections one by one allows us to carefully oversee the craft, quality, and detail that goes into every piece of jewelry, while avoiding wasteful mass-production techniques. OUR INSPIRATIONS + STORYTELLING We’re guided by a mix of interdisciplinary references: jewelry’s rich history and time-steeped symbolism; esoteric color references; where the refined meets the cultural zeitgeist. We find the deepest inspiration in critical thinking, from both challenging familiar paths and open-mindedly going down new ones. We believe there’s no right way to be inspired...the polished can also be irreverent, the beautiful can also be strangely unexpected, that the stripped-back can also be a blank canvas. In the stories we create and share, we strive to always offer substantiality and value to our community. As a brand we embrace our own version of what success and growth looks like. Rather than striving for limitless expansion, we choose to challenge capitalism’s hustle-obsessed narrative and write our own rule book — one that embraces sustainable growth, quality of life, and genuine relationships. SPEAKING OUR VALUES We believe having a platform comes with a responsibility to speak out for what we believe in, to communicate with total transparency, and to educate on conscious consumption. The fashion and jewelry industries often rely on vague terms and cloudy values to bury inconvenient or imperfect processes — we believe in challenging this broken system by asking hard questions, articulating our thought process, openly communicating where we need to improve, and giving our community the tools to decide if our values align. In the process we aim to raise the collective standard, and inspire accountability within and outside of our industry. We currently donate 100% of the profits from our polish Dune to a rotating roster of human rights organizations. COMMUNITY We value our relationships above all else — with our customers, team, collaborators, vendors, and local community. We keep our jewelry production local in LA, with our process grounded in longstanding and valued relationships with craftspeople and artisans. In our own team we prioritize diversity in our hiring practices and establish working practices that value quality of life, wellbeing, and open dialogue. We believe in forming real, non-transactional relationships with our collaborators and the people who inspire us. Everything we create is with the intention of directly supporting and delighting our JH customers and community — fostering an accessible environment, acting with kindness and respect, celebrating loyal customers, and ultimately welcoming all; whether you’re a longtime customer or just following along for the stories, you are part of our community. ALWAYS CHANGING We honor the work in progress — we believe in consistently taking stock of where we are, considering where we can make improvements, and getting better. Whether it is in our jewelry designs, our collaborations, or sourcing, we remain committed to change, to continual evolution, and to being inspired by the unknown. We always strive to make decisions that contribute to net positive change — rather than thinking in polarities or diluting education to suit a particular medium, we choose to embrace and explore the dialectical in-between. SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY Alongside quality, practicing sustainability is a top priority and cornerstone of J. Hannah, and we take a thoughtful and holistic approach to the many points of consideration that help a business be more sustainable. “Sustainability” must be defined to hold weight, and our customers deserve to know exactly what we mean when we use this word. It is a practice and as such, an ongoing effort — something we are always actively striving for –– not a definitive marker of achievement. The foundation of our efforts is in keeping our production local, and minimizing the waste produced by our business. The industry is rife with environmental and ethical ailments so we invest in vetted, family owned and operated manufacturers in downtown Los Angeles. All our diamonds are 100% recycled. Our gemstones are ethically sourced and cut. We work exclusively with mines, lapidaries, and manufacturers where everyone is fairly compensated and working under safe conditions. There are very limited independent certifications or standards for this, so we’ve done our own legwork to figure out what terms like “recycled” or “ethically sourced” mean to different suppliers. We try to actively fight against greenwashing and false marketing by being transparent about exactly how each piece comes together. It’s important to share how to authentically support and sustain better business practices with our audience, so we sincerely welcome any inquiries requesting more information on our operations and ethical standards. All our casting grain is made of 100% post consumer recycled metals. This means that precious metals are salvaged from old jewelry, and scrap gold. Alloys are repurposed from electronics, catalytic converters, and other industrial byproducts. The result is gold and silver on par with newly mined metals, without the negative environmental consequences. All water used in the refining process is reused, and all trace metals left over are refined and recycled. Even the wax used in the molding and casting process is reused, something proprietary to our facility and its jewelers. These processes make each piece uniquely ethical and environmentally conscious. These materials and their processes named above have been independently audited and certified by the SRSP (Signet Responsible Sourcing) and The RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). These practices also meet and in many cases exceed all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and regulations for a safe and healthy working environment. 80% of our packaging is printed or manufactured in the USA. We source the following items in China and are actively seeking to find reliable domestic replacements: jewelry boxes, gift bags It remains to be seen if anyone working in fine jewelry will achieve a net-zero impact, and we are just scratching the surface of these issues. Our hope is to help usher in a new horizon by increasing visibility around this issue in our industry and setting the best example we can.

Founded in: 2014
Origin: United States
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