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Top selling Leonor Greyl

Huile Secret De Beaute

Huile Secret De Beaute

Leonor Greyl$73.00
Lait Luminescence

Lait Luminescence

Leonor Greyl$55.00
Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou

Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou

Leonor Greyl$52.00
About Leonor Greyl

About Leonor Greyl

IT BEGAN WITH A ROMANCE... Leonor Greyl is the love story of two haircare innovators and their passion for essential oils and plant-based ingredients long before “green beauty” was in vogue. Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl first met by chance on a summer beach holiday in France. Not only did they fall in love, but they also discovered that Leonor’s passion for luxury haircare and Jean-Marie’s extraordinary knowledge of botanicals were the perfect pairings that the Parisian salon scene needed. Leonor and Jean-Marie wed in 1963 and in 1968 launched the L’Institut Leonor Greyl salon, where chic clients were pampered with revolutionary natural hair products. Today the Leonor Greyl brand is a multi-generational family business with global sales, celebrity devotees, and eco-chic prestige. AN ECO-CHIC BRAND WAS BORN... From the beginning, Leonor worked her magic pampering clients in the salon on Rue de Chateaudun in Paris. And Jean-Marie worked in his lab, tapping his expertise as a galenic engineer to find the best botanicals to repair, protect, and style manes while soothing sensitive scalps. Their first products quickly became must-haves: L’Huile de Leonor Greyl, a pre-shampoo treatment now featuring sustainably-sourced coconut and mongongo nut oil; the volume-boosting Shampooing au Miel, with its fusion of acacia honey extracts and strengthening proteins; Lait Lavant à la Banane, a milky shampoo enriched with plant proteins and plantain extracts; and Crème aux Fleurs, a deep conditioning scalp treatment with sage and soothing chamomile. REVOLUTIONIZING THE IDEA OF HAIR CONCIERGE... The Leonor Greyl brand scored one innovation after another by targeting every hair type and scalp condition. Huile de Germe de Blé, fortified with wheat germ, jojoba and avocado extracts, was the first oil to treat the scalp and wash it by foaming in contact with water. Bain Traitant à la Propolis, featuring an antibacterial substance produced by honeybees to fortify their hives, was the first daily dandruff shampoo. Long, short, thick, thin, straight, curly – Leonor Greyl has created oils, shampoos, masques, and styling lines to pamper, smooth, and shape every hair type. Today, glam squad styling favorites like Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, Laque Souple, and Serum de Soie Sublimateur grace red carpets, runways, fashion shoots, and film sets. A FAMILY BUSINESS, ABOVE ALL ELSE... Leonor and Jean-Marie devoted themselves to their brand and their only daughter, Caroline Greyl, who practically grew up at L’Institut immersed in luxury haircare. As a little girl, Caroline passed pins and rollers to hairdressers in the salon. She stood on phone books in her father’s lab so she could see him work at his tall table. Her childhood memories are scented with magnolia, jasmine, and vanilla. Today, Caroline serves as Leonor Greyl’s President and CEO. She earned her MBA from Columbia University and worked for international cosmetics companies before officially joining the family business. Caroline’s biologist husband, Tom Brooks, serves as Director of Research and Development. Together, the Greyl family keeps this revolutionary brand – now with 45 exclusive products sold in 45 countries – on the cutting edge. AN EARTH-FIRST LEGACY... Leonor Greyl remains dedicated to finding the richest natural and organic ingredients while protecting the planet that gifts us those botanicals. We always will seek sustainably-sourced, organically-farmed ingredients. Recyclable packaging will always be a hallmark of our earth-loving mission. We always will pursue partnerships with stewards like the Sea Cleaners, which is engineering a futuristic vessel that collects plastic from waterways, and Beeopic, helping vulnerable bee populations by hosting hives. The Leonor Greyl story is a legacy of love, family, innovation, and environmental stewardship. And the story is far from over…

Founded in: 1968
Origin: France
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