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PUTTING ON LASHES MAKES ME FEEL CONFIDENT. IT CHANGES YOUR APPEARANCE, INSTANTLY. In fact, the simple act of putting on lashes, gives you the power to create the look you really want. I remember watching my mom and sister do their makeup; it was just so beautiful to me when they would apply lashes, at the very end. I was completely mesmerized and would just admire them like works of art, in fact today I don’t feel my look is complete without lashes. Lashes have the unique ability to transform your look, it makes me feel confident and in control when I'm about to do a show. That’s why I wanted to design lashes for everyone, to allow people to feel confident and empowered by their everyday routine. I also wanted to make sure the beauty world had a brand of lashes that are completely vegan, cruelty free, and beginner-friendly. I want you guys to actually feel comfortable (as well as beautiful) wearing them!

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