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About Olga: A-lister skin care master Olga Lorencin has spent 20+ years in the treatment room and studying ingredients. Originally from former Yugoslavia, Olga’s love of skincare was innate. She refined and perfected her techniques and formulas in Los Angeles—a microcosm of in-depth beauty practices where she’s trained an extensive list of notable technicians. Olga is affectionately referred to as The Acid Queen and has spent much of her career demystifying peels and educating clients about their importance in achieving beautiful skin. In fact, most of her treatments and products contain exfoliating components. In addition to skincare, Olga enjoys life to the fullest, loves the ocean, is a passionate animal advocate, finds inspiration from cooking and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. About the Product Line: Olga’s product line was born from years of skin diagnosis and the need for something different. Analyzed on real, high-end clientele, she sought to empower at-home skincare routines between treatments. The invaluable knowledge gained helped create her first signature product—Red Carpet Facial in a Box—a powerful, pro-grade peel for at-home use. This lead the way for a full line that suits the savviest of skincare consumers—breakthrough, luxurious and efficacious products for a larger audience. An absolute authority in the skincare world, Olga conceptualizes, develops and perfects each product she creates, combining cosmeceutical ingredients with proven active naturals. Her standard of excellence is unparalleled, a fusion of science, quality and integrity…but the magic is in how the elements are combined; active, skin-respecting ingredients in the right ratios. And because of this, her products are set apart and stand alone in the marketplace.

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