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At Vella, women come first. We’re scientists, business leaders and beauty industry experts, building a better, more empowered present. Where women’s sexual wellness is a must have and a must do. It’s about time. In the past century, men have received some powerful help in the sexual wellness department. Led by our chief scientific officer, Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, whose research in men’s smooth muscle led to the development of Viagra. Padma-Nathan saw the biggest hurdle for developing an effective and easy arousal therapy for women was their orgasm being labeled as ‘too complicated.’ He disagreed. Sensual intelligence in a bottle. Together with Dr. Michael Frid, he developed Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum. Finding a solution that encouraged a woman’s arousal by not focusing his science in the brain, but on the body–on the same smooth muscle both sexes share. Vella leads on the intersection of science and sexual wellness, being first of its kind, sensual intelligence in a bottle. Crafted for cis women. We defined our serum’s success by its ability to work on every vagina, at every (consenting) age or life stage. So, whether you’re learning what you like in bed, medication is making your orgasms infrequent, or hormones are making it hard to stay wet–Vella makes every body orgasm-ready.

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