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review of Chantecaille Future Skin  by anwbeautyphotog
Future Skin
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Video Review of #CHANTECAILLE Future Skin by Alisa

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Reviews of Chantecaille Future Skin Alabaster - fair with balanced undertones

Review by Lexington

Future Skin

Lexington provides a first impression of Chantecaille's Future Skin in Alabaster - fair with balanced undertones color. The gel consistency of this "no foundation foundation" aims to create a natural, skin-like appearance. Despite not providing full coverage for acne and acne scars, Lexington finds it perfect for summertime due to its lightweight feel. They compare the side with the product to the side without, noting that it follows the "no foundation" rule seen on Euphoria. Overall, Lexington loves how it enhances their skin, making it look better without feeling like they're wearing anything.

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