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Alisa West - anwbeautyphotog
Alisa West
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Review by Alisa

Un Cover Up Concealer - 11

The Un Cover Up Concealer in shade 11 by RMS Beauty is highly praised by Alisa in their video review. Alisa emphasizes that the concealer is easy to use and has a creamy texture that effectively covers up darkness around the eyes and nose. They also mention that the product works well when applied over a primer and can be used to target specific areas that need coverage. Alisa expresses their love for RMS Beauty's foundation as well. Overall, the Un Cover Up Concealer receives positive feedback for its effectiveness and ease of use, with no drawbacks mentioned in the review.

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Review by Alisa

Magic Luminizer

Alisa's video review of Magic Luminizer by RMS Beauty highlights its stunning and beautiful wet look. She is impressed with the product's ability to create a luminous glow on the skin. The reviewer's enthusiasm suggests that the luminizer provides a desirable effect, giving the skin a radiant appearance. However, the transcription does not provide any information about the product's longevity, texture, or ease of application. Therefore, it is difficult to assess its overall performance and potential drawbacks. Nonetheless, based on Alisa's positive reaction, it can be inferred that Magic Luminizer by RMS Beauty is a worthwhile cosmetic product for those seeking a luminous and wet look.

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Review by Alisa

Lip2Cheek - Illusive

Alisa's video review of RMS Beauty's Lip2Cheek - Illusive in Illusive color highlights its ability to create a natural-looking sunburn effect. She praises the product for its seamless application, resulting in a skin-like appearance. The Lip2Cheek's elusive lifted cheek shade adds a beautiful touch to the cheeks, enhancing the overall look. The product's key benefit lies in its ability to mimic a sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of the sun. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product. Overall, based on Alisa's positive feedback, the Lip2Cheek - Illusive in Illusive color by RMS Beauty seems to be a promising cosmetic option for achieving a faux sunburned look.

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