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review of Covey Skincare Next Up Vitamin C Serum  by robinsonmajestie
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Video Review of #COVEY SKINCARE Next Up Vitamin C Serum by Majestie

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What Majestie says about Next Up Vitamin C Serum Pink

Next Up Vitamin C Serum Pink by Majestie

Majestie, a reviewer, recently shared their thoughts on the Next Up Vitamin C Serum by Covey Skincare. According to Majestie, this serum has been a game-changer for their skin, especially during the summer months. They mentioned that their skin has never looked so glowy and that people have noticed the difference, which is a huge compliment. Majestie also mentioned that the lightweight formula of the serum and the moisturizer didn't clog their skin, which is important for hot weather. They also praised Covey's retinol for its effectiveness on forehead wrinkles. Overall, Majestie gave the Covey Vitamin C Serum a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, expressing their love for the brand's products.

Reviews of Covey Skincare Next Up Vitamin C Serum Pink

Review by Stephanie

Next Up Vitamin C Serum

Stephanie, a reviewer, shares her positive experience with the Next Up Vitamin C Serum by Covey Skincare. She mentions that she loves this new brand and finds their vitamin C serum to be a game-changer. Unlike other serums, this one doesn't leave a tacky or sticky feeling on the skin. Stephanie is impressed by how the serum smoothly glides on and leaves her skin soft and dewy throughout the day. She describes it as hydrating and highly recommends checking out this vitamin C serum and the Covey Skincare brand in general. Overall, Stephanie's review highlights the serum's ability to provide a non-sticky, hydrating, and dewy finish, making it a great option for those seeking a high-quality vitamin C serum.

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Review by Covey

Next Up Vitamin C Serum

Covey Skincare's Next Up Vitamin C Serum is a game-changer for those with sensitive skin. This serum, formulated with THD ascorbate, offers a gentler alternative to traditional L-ascorbic acid while being 50 times more effective. Covey's Next Up Vitamin C Serum provides an instant glow upon application, thanks to its amazing sheen. The inclusion of vitamin E and grapeseed extract further enhances its benefits, as studies have shown that these ingredients work together to boost antioxidant protection. Covey Skincare has truly created a powerhouse product that delivers on its promises. With rave reviews calling it "liquid gold for the face," this serum is a must-try for anyone seeking radiant and protected skin.

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